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Papperskorg.info aims to protect and distribute its own material that for various reasons have not reached public knowledge. Many companies and associations discards flawless files and projects by pure prestige reasons. One might think that people should put the company’s profit in the first room, but that’s far from given. It’s also common that employers publish selected parts under their own name regardless of whether there is in the contract or not.

Note: The rules below may not be applicable in other countries.

A simple rule is that only what has been done during working hours may be applied or changed, but not the material given you by third party or the things you did at your leisure time. Make sure to make an agreement before you start your work. The basic rule is that the author always has the right to their own work. The third paragraph of the copyright law is a protection for the author’s integrity, especially in cases where the application can be seen as offensive or abusive. The labor law that swedish employers commonly refer to only applies if it’s already in the collective agreement, or if it is the practice in a specific industry area or if a binding contract is established in the beginning of the employment.

Job seekers are often expected to give away the intellectual property rights to their work. If you are forced or enticed to give up your copyright, then you always have the law on your side. If the organizer abstain to use what you have produced during an ongoing action on the labor market , then they have forfeited the right to use the material once you have left the place. So you can in good conscience customize your ideas into something useful to society instead, as it was originally intended.

The starting point of labor law is that the employee’s right to the working results goes to you as employer. The employee is compensated for their contribution through salary and other employment benefits.

Within copyright law, however, the basic rule is the opposite. The copyright of works created by the worker in his employment does not transfer to you as the employer, unless agreed otherwise. Copyright can be transferred to you by collective agreement or by an agreement in the individual employment contract.

* Swedish Law on Copyright in Literary and Artistic Works

Remember that the recycle bin is not the same thing as throwing something away physical! If you use a shared computer, eg. in the school, you should store your files on removable storage media so you can delete them safely later. In the eyes of the law, you always own your own files (no matter what happens to them) if they are digital and are made ​​by you, see copyright*.

Papperskorg.info want to share information that can help you with your self-studies and provide you with self-produced material for the same purpose. Help others interested in media making eg. websites with a tiny budget. We also supply sponsored blogs and websites to selected co-workers with same basic values. We support both Creative Commons and the GNU General Public License,  but are against file sharing without the author’s approbation.


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